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Re: Postfix-dovecot-squirrelmail in NetBSD 6.1 RC2 Warning: fd limit (ulimit -n)

2013/3/24, Greg Troxel <>:
> Edgar Rodolfo <> writes:
>> Hi guys,
>> I am testing the rc2 i386, i am learning to use basic mail server on
>> NetBSD, currently i am doing a basic mail server with postfix, dovecot
>> and squirrelmail.
>> The warning that i see:
>> Warning: fd limit (ulimit -n) is lower than required under max. load
>> (768<1000), because of default_client_count.
>> then i see in my command line:
>> #ulimit -n
>> 128
> This is a recurring issue in NetBSD, and we should perhaps revisit the
> default limits.  It's hard because a 64-processor machine with 64G of
> ram should have different limits than a beaglebone, but it would be
> perhaps confusing if they were autosized.
> So one of your programs (perhaps dovecot) is complaining that it expects
> to need 768 or 1000 open files,  but the limit is lower (but it's not
> giving it's actual limit).
> There are three approaches:
>   change the sources to modify the default limits up, because 128 open
>   files per process seems too small in 2013 (hard, have to rebuild,
>   perhaps we should, but not my advice to you)
>   adjust login.conf.  see the man page.   Someone at work was having
>   trouble with this (for apache), so definitely use "ulimit -a" to see
>   if it is working.
>   in /etc/rc.d/dovecot, and so on, put "ulimit -n 2048" or some such.
> I am presuming that your machine is big enough to do what you want.
> If it's a personal service (for a househould  or so), it doesn't need to
> be that big.  Beware that lots of GUI mail clients end up with many
> connections; I just checked a server used by 2 people, and it has 9 imap
> connections.
> I would also advise you to "ulimit -a" and look at all the limits.
> Probably the file limit is the one that will probably bother you.

Thanks a lot for your reply, i will test that :)

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