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Re: NPF documentation

* Mindaugas Rasiukevicius ( wrote:
> Did you run modload npf_ext_log and npf_ext_normalise?  Also, for the
> logging - ifconfig npflog0 create.  In the latest -current, the relevant
> modules will be loaded and logging interface created automatically.
> I will consider backporting this functionality to NetBSD 6.x branch.
Thank you very much. It works!
With absence of lkm, is there any way to modload the modules in
/stand/ARCH/6.1/modules/* automatically?

> Also, is it a fresh install or upgrade from 6.0?  If the latter, please
> make sure that you have updated all components - not only the kernel and
> npfctl, but also libnpf and other libraries.
It's an upgrade from 6.0, which was in turn upgraded from 5.1_STABLE.
But I always do both ``build kernel'' and ``build distribution''.
(This includes all of their relevants.)

Pongthep Kulkrisada
"UNIX is basically a simple operating system,
but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity."
-- Dennis M. Ritchie

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