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Re: minimally non-encrypted cgd setup?


you most probably want to use a CD or USB stick and the
pivot root stuff [1].

Other methods might include booting from a medium using
a ramdisk and then do an union mount of the real root on
top over it.

Other options include the sysctl init.root which has
some problems, as you require for some things shared /dev/pts
in the chroot'ed system you're really running and the real
root.  I tried that once but dropped it due to some reasons
I cannot recall.

When you do not want to patch your kernel using the
pivot-root patches, you might want to use a ramdisk for
the boot-process and not some file system on a CD or
USB-stick itself, as otherwise you are forced to keep
the CD/USB-stick inserted the whole running time.

    Matthias Kretschmer


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