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Re: minimally non-encrypted cgd setup?

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 04:14:51PM +1100, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> The example cgd in the NetBSD guide doesn't encrypt the root filesystem.
> I'd like to have a shot at setting up a host which uses cgd for all
> disks, perhaps with RAIDFrame in the middle as well ...
> Are there cgd configuration examples out there that allow all but
> GRUB and the kernel to be placed on an unencrypted partition?
> Better (perhaps), are there examples for creating a bootable .iso which
> starts a cgd0 device found on an internal disk then uses that to boot
> the remainder of the system?
> For bonus points, has anyone got a setup where cgd0 is running over a
> raid0 device?

The only constraint is that you couldn't boot from a kernel on a root
cgd - the boot blocks wouldn't be able to read it. Your "Better" boot
from unencrypted CD is then a good option. (I'd start with a bootable
USB stick until it worked ;-) )  cgd over raid definitely works.
I don't think this is written up anywhere but feel free to ask
questions as you go along!



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