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Re: HELP! problems when building mysql in NetBSD 6

> I have grep'ed out readline:
> cat databases/mysql51-client/work/mysql-5.1.65/config.log | grep readline
>   $ ./configure --with-ssl=/usr --enable-thread-safe-client
> --localstatedir=/var/mysql --without-libwrap --without-readline
> --without-libedit --disable-dependency-tracking --without-debug
> --with-low-memory --with-zlib-dir=/usr --with-charset=latin1
> --with-extra-charsets=all --without-extra-tools --without-server
> --prefix=/usr/local --build=m68k--netbsdelf --host=m68k--netbsdelf
> --infodir=/usr/local/info --mandir=/usr/local/man
> |               #include "readline/readline.h"
> |               #include "readline/readline.h"
> configure:31914: checking HIST_ENTRY is declared in readline/readline.h
> |               #include "readline/readline.h"

Hey Al,

You should look in the config.log around here to find the real error 

> configure:31971: error: Could not find system readline or libedit libraries
>               Use --with-readline or --with-libedit to use the bundled
>               versions of libedit or readline

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