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Re: CGI - VoIP provider task

On Nov 13, 2012, at 1:04 PM, Julian Djamil Fagir wrote:

> Hi,
> On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:17:41 +0100 Vaclav Strachon wrote:
>> I'm very interested in CGI task "Describe how to become a voip provider" -
>> In my previous job I worked as a Linux VoIP engineer and nowadays I like to
>> play with various BSD systems.
>> Could someone give me more information?
> do you want to do this in the scope of GCI (sayig CGI is a bit confusing ;-)
> or rather in your spare time (Linux VoIP engineer sounds like you're older)?
> If the latter is the case, please wait with this until GCI is finished and no
> student did the task.
> If the former, please wait for us to enter the tasks into the Google Melange.
> We will provide further information in there.
> All in all, this task is about installing Asterisk, configuring it, and
> creating a howto of all this. On the way, you might encounter bugs which
> should be mentioned as well.
> It is not an engineering task - it is tagged as documentation.
> Regards, Julian


thanks for your response. I'd like to do it rather in my spare time because I'm 
not student any more. :)

OK, I'm gonna try to install and configure Asterisk on NetBSD and after that I 
will write howto about this.

Regards, Vaclav

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