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Re: Unified BSD?

On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 01:04:27PM +0100, Lars Engels wrote:

> MirBSD / MirOS is dead:
> Last commit:  2011-08-29 23:00:00

I'm no Mir* co-worker, so take this with a grain of salt. But on
general principles:

a) I question the date itself - that's the last commit to whatever watches, not necessarily the last thing the developers 

(In fact, I've heard from Thorsten at FrosCon that he does definitely
not consider his project abandoned.)

b) Besides - I question the notion of "unchanging" == "dead". In
fact, as somebody who *uses* software, and who administeres computers
for others who want to *use* the software, I consider changing
software - e.g. the fortnightly changes of Firefox-Current's user
interface - a nuisance. (That's why Mozilla has their "extended
support release", currently 10.0.9.) People want to use software for
some work, not spend half of their time rewriting configuration
files or relearn key bidings or menu entry positions.

(Now, nobody being there who looks at bug reports etc... thats
something different. But you only see changes through this activity
if there really *are* bugs.)


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