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Re: Unified BSD?

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Robin  Björklin
<> wrote:

> Am I bat crap crazy for thinking it could be good to merge the four largest
> BSD variants out there, take the best bits and pieces out of each and
> create a Unified BSD?

you are not crazy for thinking this, and fortunately there is nothing
prohibiting you from doing so (or a collective group of people, or
company etc...).  One thing you will see in the BSD Unix systems is
there is quite a bit of cross pollination between projects.  The
largest example current example of this from my perspective is support
for OpenBSD's "pf" packet filter in FreeBSD.  This is a packet filter
built to suit the OpenBSD developers goals, but it did not restrict
FreeBSD from supporting this packet filter and hopefully both projects
benefit from this collaboration (wider code exposure of the pf code,
and wider choice of packet filters for FreeBSD users).

My opinion is that with the current state of the BSD's this is one of
its stronger suits - we have multiple projects right now building
entire operating systems to suit each of the projects stated goals and
developer wishes.  this would be opposed to gnu/linux where you are
cobbling together many disparate sources to build your distribution
(some of which will have goals that may not line up with your goals).
with this diversity we still cross pollinate ideas and methods, but
are still allowed to spend our limited resources focusing on our
projects core goals.


pete wright

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