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Re: Unified BSD?

On 12 November 2012 22:37, Robin  Björklin <> 
> As all of you probably know there's a lot of buzz around Gnu/Linux these
> days and I'm pretty sure you couldn't care less. What I'm wondering is why
> the BSD community which from what I can gather isn't as big as the Linux
> community have decided to split their resources into several different
> projects/forks/distributions. To me it seems *BSD would be in a more
> competitive shape if all developers would get in under one roof?

Different BSDs have different interests. Also, "competitive shape" is
ambiguous (competitive in speed?, portability?, security?, market

> Am I bat crap crazy for thinking it could be good to merge the four largest
> BSD variants out there, take the best bits and pieces out of each and
> create a Unified BSD?

Doesn't that apply for Linux too?

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