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Re: Can't build 5.1.2 kernel

Hello Frank,

On Fri, 9 Nov 2012, Frank Wille wrote:
On Fri, 9 Nov 2012 10:35:32 -0500 (EST)
Al <> wrote:

So far I am very frustrated with the upgrade. I can not use anonCVS
successfully at home because I use a cable modem and even downloading
a tar ball is slow and may take me several days before I can do it

But this is not NetBSD's fault? ;)

You are correct. It is not NetBSD's fault, but it doesn't make upgrading very easy.

On the system that I have colocated I can not use
anonCVS or untar more than one file at a time without it crashing.
This has made progress very slow.

You are talking about your NetBSD/amiga system crashing?
I'm sure that cvs and tar work fine. Maybe it is caused by aged hardware.
Or provide a core dump.

Well, on the system that I upgraded to NetBSD 4.0.1, this problem went away. Also, both of my NetBSD/amiga systems do the same thing. I really hope that it is not a hardware problem. I have considered it being a hardware problem, but I can't say for sure. Is there a way to be sure?

I can't provide a core dump. The reason being is that the system just hangs. I never get to a debugger. On the local NetBSD/Amiga system, I can go to the keyboard and if I hit enter then the text that is on the screen scrolls, but I can never get to a prompt. If I request a page from it, then it does respond, but it never downloads. I use nginx and it needs to open another file everytime it serves a page. It is as if it is running out of file descriptors, but raising the limit on file descriptors only means that it stays up for a few more days, but it doesn't fix the problem. It is as if when a file is opened it is never closed, eventually using all the file descriptors. Yet, I don't see this, whenever I check the number of open files, it never gives me a number that is anywhere near the number of file descriptors that are set. When using tar or CVS does it open each file that it stores to the hard drive?

I keep thinking the problem is something that I have done to my kernel config. Honestly, I was just hoping it would go away when I upgraded.

Here is my kernel config:

Ok, thanks. I can reproduce the problem.

There is a bug in machdep.c, when you have ksyms in your config file, but
neither DDB or LKM. So you have two options:

1. Change your config file and disable ksyms, or enable DDB or LKM.
2. Fix sys/arch/amiga/amiga/machdep.c, simply by removing the #if and
  #endif around this part:
#if defined(DDB) && defined(__ELF__)
#include <sys/exec_elf.h>

Ok, thank you for your help with this. I will make the change and try to compile.

Best Regards,

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