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Re: NetBSD VPS in Australia

On 11/4/12 1:17 AM, Ruben Schade wrote:
Hi everyone,

Do anyone have any experience here running NetBSD in a VPS located in
Australia, either as a supported OS or in a generic VPS? My current VPS
provider Mammoth has been reliable and fast, but CentOS has me missing
NetBSD something fierce.

Sorry, don't know anything about Australia.  :)

If not, hypothetically speaking would it be possible to bootstrap NetBSD
in a Linux VPS, or would it be needlessly complex? I remember reading
somewhere that someone did this, but I haven't been able to find it.

It's definitely doable, it can be complex depending how many roadblocks the provider puts in your way. There's two different things you need: the ability to control what kernel is booted, and console access. (You could probably do it without console access, but that falls under "needlessly complex" In my book)

If your provider allows you to change your kernel, it *should* be just a matter of dropping a netbsd xen INSTALL kernel where the booter can find it, and using that to install over the console. Depending whether your provider uses a version of pvgrub that supports booting from FFS, you may need an ext2fs boot partition (that only has the kernel in it). I encourage you to play around...


Apologies if I should have posted this in regional-au, but this list
seems to have more traffic.

Ruben Schade
I may be wrong, but I'm never uncertain.

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