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Re: packages, versions and browsers

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 03:36:33PM +0100, Steve Blinkhorn wrote:
> So am I missing a trick somewhere?   How do other people manage the
> transition from one release to another while protecting the
> functionality of existing software?   And is there a way of running a
> web browser on NetBSD that doesn't just grow and grow?

I do the following:

        0. build all packages in a tmpfs-chroot (from a list I
           maintain somewhere in my home)

        1. shutdown all pkgsrc daemons (pids that have open
           files in /usr/pkg)

        2. pkg_delete all packages

        3. empty /usr/pkg, /var/db/pkg*
           (while keeping /usr/pkg/etc or, in my case, /etc/pkg)

        4. pkg_add all packages from a list I maintain somewhere
           in my home

I tried various techniques (including pkgin) during the past years but
nothing was as simple as the steps above.

Hint: Make sure that su works in case you use sudo and its from pkgsrc.

                Petar Bogdanovic

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