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Re: packages, versions and browsers (Steve Blinkhorn) writes:

> Which is what I tried to do in the first place.  But there does not
> seem to be a
> nicely wrapped-up version of firefox - that's just a script that needs
> xulrunner,
> which is in <devel>.   Maybe it's just 5.0.2 that lacks such a thing?   
> Anyone?

Yes, it might be that the 5.0.2 build is deficient.  I don't see firefox
in there.  If you can update to 5.1.2, and then (remove all packages
and) install from

there is a firefox package.  After setting PKG_PATH, you should be able
to install it and have the dependencies get added (assuming /tmp is big
enough :-).

FWIW, one computer I use is running very recent netbsd-5 and has 926
packages installed, including firefox.

>> There are tools that I don't really understand for managing binary
>> packages.  Certainly there is pkg_chk, but also pkgin, which is on my
>> list of things to understand.  I believe that it's intended to support
>> your use case.
> pkgin is new to me too - nothing in my online manual.  But in general,

Install pkgtools/pkgin and then you'll have the man page :-)

> except in simple cases with few or no dependencies, the binary package
> environment does not seem complete enough to be dependable - it may
> just be detail that's missing here and there, but those of us who are
> first and foremost users don't necessarily have the time to do a lot
> of option twiddling (remembering the twiddles from last time round the
> loop is hard enough).  And these days, a working browser is not the
> luxury it once was.

Sure, I wasn't trying to suggest you get into building from source.  If
you install from the above URL, and check out -r pkgsrc-2012Q3, then you
can build one package from source and mix/match with the binaries.  The
problems start when people use a source tree that is different from that
used to build the binaries they want to intermix with.

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