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Re: How to compile kernel for i686 instead of i386?

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 06:40:44AM +0200, Tomas Bodzar wrote:
> In the end you are working with your system and not rebooting it all
> the time and measuring how quickly it's back ;-) These days your
> machine is supposed to run days/weeks/months without reboot so if it
> boots 30s or 10s doesn't make much sense. On Linux it becomes quite
> funny like in Windows where system is up very quickly, but after login
> in it's doing stuff with daemons and whatever other stuff next 30s or
> more.

Obviously I am not obsessed with boot time as NetBSD still is my primary
system. That's all the more the reason why I'd like NetBSD to deliver all
the functionality I desire with best in class performance.

Boot time may serve as a rough measure of kernel performance since it is
the kernel that acts the most at that time. A significant difference in
boot time on same hardware with similar services started up on both
systems is worthy of at least being reasoned, I feel.

To clarify one of your points, at least on my Arch Linux installation,
there is nothing that Linux starts doing after logging in. I can easily
say once booted, both systems have at par functionality that is up.


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