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Re: Ruby on Rails 3?

Greg Troxel wrote:
rudolf<>  writes:

Dima Veselov wrote:
If there are someone using Rails3 - tell me what to do to make it work?

I am using Rails 3 with wip/node. You'll need to set the
EXECJS_RUNTIME environment variable to "Node".

Could you send a note to pkgsrc-users with any hints, and a TODO list of
what ought to be done in pkgsrc (including perhaps promoting wip/node to
www/node (devel/node/??)) to make this easier.  I'd like to see
Diaspora* in pkgsrc, and it needs rails.

OK, I'll try to collect some notes. I need to check the versions etc.

If I remember correctly, the SpiderMonkey (lang/spidermonkey) worked too, but it handled incorrectly some JavaScript I was feeding it with.


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