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Re: Oracle XE on NetBSD

All that I still have to work with is a Sempron, which is probably okay.
But, how much memory will I need?  There is a possibility that I would
need to go out and get more memory, which slows things down a bit.

I got it working with 1 GB of RAM in a Xen domU, but I did not
stress-test it. It just installs without errors.

I would guess that netbsd6 on amd64 would be sufficient?

I have not tested amd64, only i386. The system is NetBSD-6.0_RC2 with a
-current kernel.

Hey, Emmanuel.

I would be willing to test it. I am not currently running Xen. I was going to implement Xen on NetBSD 'lvm', but had problems getting dual-boot opterons to load the latest bootcode. Perhaps I should have used grub, but would rather not. So now I am using zfs root FreeBSD on that box, and only with VirtualBox.

I do have the sempron amd64 box left to use. I hope that you would have general details about your process, or you might have better luck with someone that is more familiar with Xen; however, if you want to move forward then I will test whatever I can- it *is* an interesting setup. I think 1g is the exact amount of memory on this box- I gave up the 2g box and my copy of Vista Ultimate to my dad. He finally left XP. :)


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