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Re: Do you advise me to adopt NetBSD?

2012/10/10, <>:
> Hi
> I have joined this mailing list to get some advice from NetBSD users.

Hi guy :), i am using NetBSD as server and desktop, i currently use
Linux and BSD systems and i can say: Linux and BSD systems have
advantages, but NetBSD for me is a good operating system, then try to
use, if you like NetBSD then use.

> I have a Linux background (and Windows before that), and I am now
> considering moving to NetBSD. But I am still uncertain.
> My computer usage is limited to the typical small-office tasks (word
> processing, database, spreadsheet, etc), as well as home computer use
> (but with no games, no advanced multimedia). I don't need anything
> beyond that.
> I can comfortably do all that with Linux, of course, but I would like to
> give NetBSD a try.
> What attracts me to NetBSD is its philosophy: efficient, minimalistic,
> not complicated and chaotic (like Linux can often be), and managed by
> developers who give a lot of importance to the overall design and to
> stability. Of course, Linux is the opposite, and one often faces the
> situation where things break down, or keep changing at such a fast rate
> that the user is confused.
>  From what I have read, NetBSD is safe in this respect, since it is much
> more sober and conservative than Linux. Since I give a lot of importance
> to stability and it-just-works, I am very much tempted by NetBSD.
> My core question now is: since I don't need cross-platform compatibility
> (which is the main reason why people choose NetBSD), would it make sense
> (considering my trivial needs) to opt for NetBSD instead of Linux?
> As far as I could see, the recent versions of most software packages are
> available in the NetBSD repository, so I am not at all worried by that.
> What does worry me is that NetBSD might be too technical for an average
> user like me, whose IT skills are not so advanced. Would I be getting
> myself into unnecessary trouble by adopting NetBSD for my daily
> (trivial) needs?
> Thank you.
> Vit

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