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Re: Do you advise me to adopt NetBSD?

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 08:27:56PM +0200, wrote:
> Hi
> I have joined this mailing list to get some advice from NetBSD users.
> ...
> What does worry me is that NetBSD might be too technical for an
> average user like me, whose IT skills are not so advanced. Would I
> be getting myself into unnecessary trouble by adopting NetBSD for my
> daily (trivial) needs?
> Thank you.
> Vit

Hi Vit,
since you already noted the clean and conservative design (I call it 
Unix-true) - you on the right path.

Since you get clear with Linux I am sure you get used to NetBSD very
soon. It took me some weeks for that, its not a big difference.

I have started with Slackware many years ago, that was when decided to
finish with all the MS-Software. Had a webserver running (Slackware) and
also a workstation with FreeBSD. Changing to NetBSD was rather a
coincident. I had a laptop what was just working with NetBSD, it was the
network card and the drivers what were supported.

For quite some time I have all my comps changed to NetBSD. It is well
documented, runs very safe and works without any surprises 24 hours a
day. The time I spent troubleshooting in the past I can invest in
improving the webserver or learn about the details of Unix. 

My daily office work and business gets done with vim, Open Office and
all the usual applications you know from Linux. In most cases I install
just the compiled binaries (pkg_add) from NetBSD, very rarely I had
any problems with them. It work and works and works ...

Maybe take another harddisk, install NetBSD on it (so you can use your
other system without any risk) and find it out yourself. Chances are
good that you never look back to the previous OSes.

herb langhans

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