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Booting NetBSD on GPT disk?

How do you make a disk, USB stick or (USB or otherwise) hard drive bootable 
with GPT?

I have done that with FreeBSD on a USB stick, but am not sure how to do that 
for NetBSD.

Has anybody done that?

You could make an EFI partition 1 (how big?), and put NetBSD root on partition 
2, or you could put NetBSD root on partition 1 and use gpt biosboot on that 
root partition.  I tried the first without success, may try the second.

If it doesn't boot directly, I can use the GRUB2 giant floppy image, booting 
from syslinux, and 

set root=(hd1,gpt1) # or wherever it actually is
knetbsd /netbsd # or whatever the kernel is named

roughly like the way I boot FreeBSD on the hard drive. 

Does this work only on NetBSD version >= 6?

Now I can build NetBSD either from FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE amd64 or i386 or from 
NetBSD 5.1_STABLE i386 or amd64 or NetBSD 6.99.11 i386.


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