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Re: inconsistent pkgdb during upgrade

Is there something "more powerful" to delete a package? and to rebuild the package database?

pkg_info dies with the same error:
pkg_info: cannot read meta data file +COMMENT of package suse_x11-11.3: No such file or directory

suse_x11 is no longer listed, but perhaps pkg_info dies before being able to print it up.


Riccardo Mottola wrote:

while upgrading (make update in pkgsrc) I fot a problem withsome packesg, namely the linux emulation packages. I thus tried to remove them, but the error haunts me down. Even pkg_admin rebuild dies with that error:

grid$ sudo pkg_admin rebuild
pkg_admin: suse_x11-11.3: can't open `+CONTENTS'

how can I fix that?


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