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Re: PF on NetBSD 6.0 RC1

2012/9/14 David H. Gutteridge <>

> On Thu, 13 Sep 2012, at 06:38:55 -0500, Edgar Rodolfo wrote:
> >Hi guys.
> >I am testing NetBSD 6.0 RC1, i saw that in NetBSD 6.0 RC1 there are
> >not lkm module and the file /etc/lkm.conf, I were looking for the
> >file (#find / -iname lkm.conf) then i do not see the file.
> >I have PF currently, it works, I put in /etc/rc.conf
> >pf=YES
> >pf_rules="/etc/pf.conf"
> >pflogd=YES
> >pf_flags=""
> >is enough? or should i install the module?
> >The documentation ( says
> >that to use Pf is necessary lkm, :o
> The web-based documentation for PF is out of date. For NetBSD 6.0,
> what you've done in /etc/rc.conf is sufficient, assuming you're on an
> architecture that supports the new type of modules. (The old LKM
> modules have been supplanted.)
> I've submitted a PR[1] to update the web documentation, but it hasn't
> been processed yet.
> 1.
> Regards,
> Dave

Thanks for the reply!

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