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Re: 5.1.2 doesn't update clock in VirtualBox (Valeriy E. Ushakov) wrote:

 |Steffen Daode Nurpmeso <> wrote:
 |> i've a strange issue in that the clock remains set to the boot time.
 |> If i set the date, it'll update once and afterwards is fixed.
 |> gettimeofday(2) won't move a bit.
 |> On the other hand i see kern.hardclock_ticks and kern.cp_time increasing.
 |> This is running on VirtualBox 4.1.8 hosted by Mac OS X 10.6.
 |You seems to be using ICH chipset in the guest.  Have you tried PIIX?

Fantastic -- that fixed it!  Thanks!

 |Have you tried VirtualBox 4.2 RC1?


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