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Re: Login to serial port (not console)

Hi Thierry,

On 7/5/2012 3:56 AM, wrote:
With NetBSD systems without an attached display, I set the console to
the serial line, from the boot sequence. No problem.

With a system with a display, I had a hardware failure of the monitor,
so I'd like now, if this happens again, to _add_ the possibility to
login also to one of the two serial ports (/dev/tty00 or /dev/tty01)
via tip(1)---the very same way one does via serial line with the
headless server.

But this is supplementary to the /dev/ttyE*.

Putting on, say /dev/tty00, in /etc/ttys does not work, whether with
"Pc", "std.9600" or a custom entry in gettytab.

Be sure the line is turned "on" or getty won't run.
Also add "secure" to support root logins (assuming you want
that without going through su, first).  Something like:

  tty00   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt100  on secure

Of course, for a local console, you might opt for a higher
baud rate, etc.

Note: I have declared the console on the serial port for now. But I'd
like to let the console on ttyE0, and to have a login ability via the
serial port as a fallback.

Leave the console line pointing to ttyE0 (or whatever) and add
the above.

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