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Re: need to disable IPv6

I asked:
>> how do I disable IPv6 on NetBSD 5.1? suggested:
> try unloading the ipv6 kernel module & at boot time

"modstat" doesn't list any modules at all.

Dave B <> wrote:
> ifconfig fxp0 inet6 delete 'fe80::218:f3ff:fead:85bd'

Cool!  That removed the IPv6 address from the external interface!
However that doesn't seem to affect how a request involving an IPv6
address is handled.  The good news is that I immediately get "No route
to host" either way.

Greg Troxel <> added:
> All the normal programs should do dns lookups for AAAA and A,
> and try the AAAA values first, but on a machine with no configured
> addresses and in ip6mode=host, there should be no default route
> and use of those addresses should fail immediately with ~"No route
> to host".

(Yes, that's exactly what happens.)

> Also check the accept_rtadv sysctl

(It is zero.)

> As far as I know the only way to take out v6 completely is to
> remove INET6 from the kernel config.

Thanks for that info.

>> Now I can't use Google Maps at all (with Firefox), and I'm wondering
>> if it's another IPv6 problem.

Well, after all that, it wasn't.  Firefox must have got itself into a
funny state, because killing and restarting it have cleared up the
maps problem.  I should have tried that earlier, but everything else
(other web pages, even javascripty ones) seemed to work fine.  Hmf.

Anyway, many thanks to you all for your help; I learned a few
things, so nothing was wasted!

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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