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Re: FTP-client for Windows, safety concerns - now FTP-server

for NetBSD
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On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 01:12:30PM +0200, Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat 
IT&Internet) wrote:
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> herbert langhans <> schrieb:
> >There also remains some homework for me. I will take a closer look to
> >vsftpd. It's a good point with the increasing amount of
> >Wifi-connections, thats quite a good spot to sniff for passwords. I
> >didn't think of that issue before ...
> We have some very good experiences with ProFTPd - especially the flexibility 
> of security configuration features/options was very helpful for us, i.e. with 
> virtual hosts etc., but ProFTPd should held updated even if his long history 
> had nearly no serious security bugs/holes. But vsftpd is nice too if the 
> features fit all your needs.
> In case you want to switch over to sftp or ftps (if you send client binaries 
> out to your users) you may take a look at the famous "PuTTY" (mainly known 
> for his excellent windows ssh client, but not only...) programs which could 
> easily used as very small downloadable binaries without the need of any 
> installation on windows an Mac afaik too. Putty is available for win, mac and 
> others as Open Source and very spreaden and reviewed too.
> Not shure how you may bundle it with your preconfigurations for your users.
> just my two cents here...
> hth
> good luck,
> Niels.

Hi Niels,
do you have ProFTPd running under inetd? Currently I have ftp...ftpd
running from inetd.conf. I like the idea to keep this daemon sleeping,
its not always getting used. I wonder it works that nice with ProFTPd or
vsftpd ...

Yes, the Puttys I use for a long time to ssh my server from the
computers at my school. I even have a tiny putty on my Nokia Mobile,
it's the Symbian version. What an experience to have a whole unix server
hanging on a tiny four inch screen with buttons you need a pencil for.
But it works. I will take a look at PSFTP what is the ftp-client of the
putty line.

For personal use I prefer the lftp client - but that's a unix thing.

herb langhans

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