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Re: FTP-client for Windows, safety concerns

On 2012-06-15 09:18, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

Johnny Billquist wrote:

Windows used to ship with an ftp client. Did they stop recently?
Mac OS X still have an ftp client in the basic system.
There is no need (as far as I know) to install some third party
freeware ftp client. What was the problem?
Windows has its built-in FTP client in Explorer (not Internet Explorer)
since Windows 2000. just type ftp://user@URL and it will nicely ask for
your password and work perfectly for upload and download. It works

On Mac ftp will do the same and mount on your desktop however (at least,
until 10.4.8) it is read-only. On Mac I use FTP client from the GAP
project ( just because I happen to be the author
and I trust my own code! (It may be full of bugs and limitations, but I
know it doesn't steal my own passwords) and the same application runs on
NetBSD with GNUstep.

However, on mac you have an excellent "ftp" CLI app, for those who do
not fear and ncftp, which is really excellent, is either shipped or
available for it too (depending on the Mac version).

In a terminal window (console, CMD, whatever) just type ftp. Why do people make it so complicated. There is already an ftp client available, distributed with the OS, which works, and is a safer bet than any downloaded 3rd party client, if you are concerned about safety issues...

Or can't people use keyboards anymore?


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