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Re: Eeepc 900 touchpad problems with NetBSD 5.1RC3

On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 02:29:12PM +0200, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
|I have recompiled the kernel (NetBSD 5.1.2) disabling Synaptics and
|Elantech touchpad support, now the one and two finger tapping works:
| [...]
| #options    PMS_SYNAPTICS_TOUCHPAD  # Enable support for Synaptics Touchpads
| #options    PMS_ELANTECH_TOUCHPAD   # Enable support for Elantech Touchpads
| [...]
|Hope this helps!

excellent - wondered why this wasn't working all of a sudden ... will
recompile and test this on my Eee 1000H ... thanks!

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