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Re: Would you recommend NetBSD for??

For a server you need it? Go for it!
I had the same question last summer. Not sure wheter FreeBSD or NetBSD
is the right choice for my new internet server (some Asus-Board with 
just a harddisk in a nice 19' case. I took NetBSD 5.1 for its clear
design though I was sceptic about the smaller amount of pkg-apps.
It was sure the right choice. Perfectly stable (filesystem, daemons,
restarting of services and so on), downsized to the necessary and very
true to the real thing - to Unix.
You will like the /etc and rc.d stuff, also the structure of the 
/usr/pkg and /usr/pkg/etc - its all as it should be. Especially for
servers - NetBSD is great to keep the system clean and lean. Its well
worth the effort to get into the real thing. And I sure dont miss my
my former Linux server ...

Good luck with your project!
herb langhans

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 09:56:44AM -0500, Robert Schmid wrote:
> Many years ago I used to run a FreeNet on abandoned Macs and NetBSD.  They 
> ran great and it was a great second life for that hardware but when OS X 
> matured I switched over.  Sadly, the promise of OS X as a serious server 
> solution never came to fruition and Lion has ended that dream for me.
> Now that I've returned to NetBSD it seems that the attitude and intent of 
> NetBSD has changed slightly.  It seems to be much more geared toward 
> students, researchers and experimentalists.
> So, the question I have is "Would you as a NetBSD user recommend NetBSD for 
> production servers? Why or why not?"
> Robert Schmid
> RaptorNet

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