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TFTP spawn issue

I am trying to PXE boot an OS installation media using both PXE and TFTP.

I have configured DHCP, the PXE menu file and the appropriate file
structure without issue.

However, as my client boots, on the NetBSD server I receive the
following error in /var/log/messages:

          Mar 23 16:35:41 qube1 inetd[596]: tftp/udp max spawn rate
(40 in 60 seconds) exceeded; service not started

At this point it appears the TFTP daemon crashes and the OS
installation on the client fails.

I have tried changing the following line to nowait in /etc/inetd.conf,
but after a reboot, TFTP refuses to start:

          tftp            dgram   udp     wait    root
/usr/libexec/tftpd      tftpd -l -s /tftpboot

Anyone have any idea what I need to do to get it working?  I'm running
NetBSD/cobalt 5.1.

Many thanks,


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