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Re: Allow_vulnerable_packages= yes

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> So "is it a risk" is a question about your particularly situation and
> the particular programs you are running, and there is no general
> answer.  Your choices are:
>   1) figure out how to stop using php and squid
>   2) install the new version anyway (perhaps figuring that replacing an
>   older version with a newer version is not incrementally worse, usually)
>   3) go read the advistory and figure out if ther's a new version and/or a
>   patch, and install that.  Optionally send a patch to the package to
>   help others out
>   4) turn off your computer until someone else does (3)

Sorry, left out

    5) Keep using the old one.

But you get the point - there is no general answer.

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