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Re: RAIDframe guide too complicated

On 2/19/12 4:18 AM, Matthias Scheler wrote:

while discussing the benefits of RAIDframe and hardware RAID controllers
with a NetBSD users he was mentioning the complexity of setting up RAIDframe.
Reading the official NetBSD guide ...

... I can see what me means. I'm considering to simply it by:

1.) Removing the part about setting a non-RAIDed swap partition for
     kernel crash dumps. That hasn't been necessary since NetBSD 5.0
     and is highly error prone.

2.) I would like to suggest a setup with a single RAIDframe volume
     where the root and swap partition are simply sub partitions of
     e.g. "raid0". I'm using such a setup for years. It works
     well and is easy to configure


        Kind regards

That sounds good to me. Another thing which would be really helpful is being able to set up raidframe in sysinst...


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