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Re: Building up a new *user* wiki!

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 01:25:29AM +0100, Julian Fagir wrote:
> Hi,
> > > So... serious question: why not help schmonz get ready 
> > > to where it needs to be?
> > 
> > Yeah, that's the right question to ask, and not with the intent to
> > scold those who'd rather go through the pain to create an open,
> > user-driven wiki, but with the intent to step back a moment and
> > wonder why the invitation "All you need is an OpenID to participate"
> > (obviously!) isn't good enough, triggering people to contemplate
> > going through more pain than the claimed hurdle for participating
> > in the netbsd driven wiki.
> the problem is "All you need is an OpenID" being plainly wrong. You currently
> (and for the last six months) cannot get a user account. Don't ask me for
> details, I don't know them myself.

Okay, even worse then. I was put off by "get an OpenID and put
stuff into comments for someone to nurture it into form" already.
I have enough open PRs, partially even with patches, sitting around
rotting.  I don't need that to happen on yet another dimension.

(Disclaimer: I'm aware NetBSD is a volunteer driven effort etc.
etc.  etc. etc. etc. etc. This doesn't alleviate the frustration
though.) Wikis are supposed to not have a hurdle. If you feel that implies the engineering quality, thorough discussion
and inspection, having come to a consensus etc. that the rest of
the NetBSD project shows, and that is something that you feel you
cannot achieve by opening up the wiki to everybody, then open a
user driven wiki, just something sexy and standard SOMEWHERE out
of * and forget about that engineering quality, purged
and cleansed user contributed documentation. It'll overwhelm you
anyways. So set it free. Wikiwiki!


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