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Re: Are dk wedges the only way to access GPT partitions?

On Jun 20,  9:20pm, "Thomas Mueller" wrote:
} > Linux and FreeBSD have more elegant ways, that can not span a
} > sequence over two or more disks as dkwedges can.
} Sorry, I can not parse that. What do you mean with "span a sequence"?
} Martin
} By "span a sequence", I mean that sequence /dev/dk0, dk1, dk2, ...,
} can run over two or more GPT-partitioned disks.

/dev/dk0, dk1, etc. are seperated device instances, no different from
/dev/wd0, wd1, etc.

} Regarding dkwedges, I prefer
} /dev/ada0p1, ada0p2, ada0p3,...  or
} /dev/da0p1, da0p2, ... (FreeBSD style) or
} /dev/sda1, sda2, ... Linux style
} I don't know how other OSes (Mac OS X, MS-Windows, any other?) name
} GPT partitions.

     I would expect MS Windows to continue using letters.

}-- End of excerpt from "Thomas Mueller"

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