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Re: ongoing major problems with NetBSD-5 and LOCKDEBUG on multi-core system

Gary Duzan <> wrote:
> In Message <>,
>    "Greg A. Woods" <>wrote:
> =>So, I've been wondering, is anyone else running netbsd-5 on a many-core
> =>system with a LOCKDEBUG + DIAGNOSTICS + DEBUG kernel?
>    It has been a while, but as of a few years ago LOCKDEBUG simply
> was incompatible with multiprocessor systems. I don't recall seeing
> anything explicit to indicate that it was working again, so I would
> hesitate to attempt it again.

This is false.  LOCKDEBUG was focused on MP systems in the first place.
It is one of the main tools to debug locking related issues and it is used
by the developers to test pretty much any major change/patch.

As for the bug.. it should be fixed now.


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