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Support of VIA VT6421A or Silicon Image SiI0680A chipsets


I'd like to know if anyone has experiences on PATA adapters based on
    VIA VT6421A
    Silicon Image SiI0680A

What I managed to find from viaide(4) manual page is that the VIA chipset
requires that the disks have been configured into RAID or JBOD, which I
do not want.  I want to access the individual disks.

I did find this quite recent commit, which mentions the VIA chipset.
Could this perhaps allow access to the individual disks?  The only
problem of course being that it is in no release yet.

The Silicon Image chipset on the other hand is mentioned on
the cmdide(4) page and there were no caveats.  Neither page explicitly
mentions the -A version of the chipset, which makes me worry.

Jarmo Jaakkola

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