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Re: X server for Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434


On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 07:07:28 +0900
"phony" <> wrote:

> Dear all. thanks.
> recently, I got a legacy Cirrus's CL-GD5434 based graphics device
> for SHARP X680x0 personal computer.
> Then I will try to develop the X server for that graphics device, running on
> NetBSD for X680x0.
> I'll consider porting from PCI based (ordinary) Cirrus's graphics driver for 
> X.

The xf86-video-cirrus driver already supports the 5434, it shouldn't be hard to 
get it going on x68k. I guess this is the VL variant with some goo added to 
make it talk to whatever bus the x68k uses.
Either way, all you need to do is to make Xorg build on x68k ( not difficult ), 
add a way for the Xserver to map the relevant IO space so it can access the VGA 
registers. Check out what shark is doing, it's pretty much the same problem ( 
VL chip, non-x86 CPU etc. ).

have fun

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