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Re: ipnat problem with two LAN networks

On Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:14:22 +0100
Rhialto <> wrote:

> > Now I have the problem that I can ping from,
> > but no TCP connection is possible. tcpdump shows a connection to
> > but the reply is coming from, which I think is
> > normal, because of the NAT. But nothing happens.
> It looks to me like you're using the NAT in the wrong direction here.
> You can connect from to, but not the other way
> around.

The direction is intended. I must NAT-map all hosts into a address, to be able to access the WAN over
The WAN-router won't accept connections from the 10-net.

But the connection between and must also work.

> > My precise question is:
> > Is there any way to exclude connections between the and the
> > network from NAT? I think this would solve the problem.
> > Only accesses from to an address beyond the
> > network should be NAT translated.
> Maybe you can use some "fast" rules before the "map" rules in the hope
> that they get processed first... but I wouldn't count on it.

But which? My problem is that I cannot even think of a rule which can
help me in this case. There is no "exclude" rule.

> Maybe you can do a NAT in, mapping only
> addresses..

That could be a solution. Unfortunately I have no root access on

Frank Wille

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