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Re: Utility to redirect UDP packets

    Date:        Tue, 24 Jan 2012 12:24:17 +0100
    From:        Rhialto <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | n_time is defined in <netinet/in_systm.h>. Maybe #including that file
  | first is a better solution?

And if you don't want to do that (because sometimes adding system include
files becomes a seemingly never ending exercise in finding just what
else is needed for that one ...) and you don't care about the struct that
contains the n_time type elements, which you clearly don't if you can
just comment it out, then just typedef, or #define, n_time to some random
type (like int, or long, or even char or perhaps float) before ip.h
is included - the only point is so the compiler knows that n_time is a
type, not a var name, since you're not using it, which type it is doesn't


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