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Re: add your laptops to

On Sun, 8 Jan 2012, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

> I'?m runing current on a HP nc6120. 5.1 did not whave a working X.
> Almost everything works, sound, wireless, X11. I did not try resume/suspend. I
> did not try the memory card slot recently.
> There are some issues however:
> - 5.1 but also current have wired ethernet stability problems. As reported on
> the list, it gets watchdog timeouts and resets, very annoying when using
> remote X displays.
> - X11 has a stability problem where a program can make total garbage on the
> screen (except the mouse pointer) and lock up the server. Repeatable with a
> certain image viewer which shows very big images. The machine does not freeze:
> power off button powers down smoothly, (but not switch consoles to try to kill
> the X server)

Thanks for the information.  Are there tickets (in gnats) about these 

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