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Re: add your laptops to

Quoting Moritz Wilhelmy <> (Sun, 8 Jan 2012
00:23:05 +0100):
> On Sat, Jan 07, 2012 at 18:46:13 +0100, Ian D. Leroux wrote:
> > Lenovo Thinkpad X201, running -current since last March.  Everything
> > I've tested works, including graphics (with the vesa driver), audio,
> > trackpoint, wired and wireless LAN.  I haven't messed with
> > suspend/resume yet, and my particular configuration doesn't have a
> > webcam or touchpad, so I can't report on those.
> Maybe you're lucky and just invoking zzz(8) suspends successfully (and
> the machine wakes up again afterwards; that's what mine currently does
> not). I'm thinking, maybe having this information in the wiki might be
> useful for other laptop users?

Well, I only have ACPI, not APM (short of rebuilding my system; which
I'll probably do sometime soon but not tonight).

sysctl -w hw.acpi.sleep.state=3
suspends the machine, but it does not wake up again afterwards (drives
spin up but the display stays black and the LED indicating a sleep
state stays lit).  That probably means it's just a matter of chasing
down some malfunctioning pmf hook, but as things stand it doesn't work
out of the box.

-- IDL

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