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Re: NetBSD for Web service on a Sparc 2

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 07:50:18AM -0800, wrote:
> Now that the Sparc 2 here has PROM version 2.9, I'm again 
> preparing to net-install.  Given that the system is to have a 
> simple Web server, which release is recommended?  When I 
> tackled this originally, there was a mention that 3 or 4 
> included a Web server whereas 5 doesn't.  Any advice?
> Thanks,          ... Peter E.

  It's the other way around.

  Here's an excerpt from "man httpd" on NetBSD 5.1/sparc64.  I don't
know for absolutely certain that it's included in NetBSD 5.1/sparc
as well, but I believe it is.  I do know it's included in 5.1/i386.

   The httpd program was first written in perl, based on another perl http
   server called ``tinyhttpd''.  It was then rewritten from scratch in perl,
   and then once again in C.  It was known for many years as ``bozohttpd''.
   ``bozohttpd'' version 20060517 was integrated into NetBSD 5.0 as httpd.
   The focus has always been simplicity and security, with minimal features
   and regular code audits.  This manual documents httpd version 20080303.

  Based on that, NetBSD 5 sounds like the more practical option--
unless you specifically wanted a different web server (apache,
nginx, etc).

Cheers,  --Dave B.
Boston, MA

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