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Re: named - a very basic question

> >- some request from anywhere in the world asks my server (straight on
> >my
> >  ip 'Is the domain on ip'
> >
> >- my server (or named) aswers: no - access denied, good bye.
> No,
> it seems somebody asks you server: "pls tell me which IPv4 address has host 
>" - this could usually have these sources:

Hi Niels,
thanks for sharing your knowledge - these things surely require an

For now I am watching these requests, theyre coming in at a rate of 30
seconds each. Youre right, it seems that they do not eat up the
ressources. Will see if they disappear one day..

I wrote before about locking these requesting ips out by adding them to
/etc/host.deny - that didnt work with named. Interesting fact is, that
you cannot turn the logfiles by adding them to newsyslog.conf (ceases
logging in newly created logfile). But named handles the
logfile-switching by itself too.

Anyway - all fine now - server happily serving!
herb langhans

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