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Re: sdhc and power management

David Young writes:
 > The device should be removed from the device tree when the driver fails
 > to attach.  Instead, a zombie device hangs around without any power
 > management hooks.

This makes sense, but I have no idea how to make that happen.

 > It's funny that the driver fails in that way to attach.  What does
 > 'pcictl pci0 dump -b 3 -d 0 -f 2' say about it?

Nothing at all.

Jared McNeill writes:
 > On my T61 I needed PCI_ADDR_FIXUP and PCI_BUS_FIXUP options in the kernel 
 > or I had the same problem.

Perfect call.  I added those options and it works fine now.  Thanks.

Nevertheless, should the kernel allow a driver to exist that failed to
attach?  Is that really what is going on here?


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