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Re: glusterfs

Manuel Bouyer writes:
 > I've been playing with it and found some bugs that have been fixed
 > (like the 100% CPU problem you're seeing). You need:
 > - a very recent netbsd-5 (netbsd-5-1 doens't have the needed fixes)
 > - glusterfs and perfuse from a very recent pkgsrc-HEAD
 >   (pkgsrc-2011Q3 doesn't have the fixes)

Thanks.  I've updated to netbsd-5 and pkgsrc-HEAD (both on 2011-12-03)
and everything builds and installs.  I can create volumes and mount
them manually.  For example, the following command is successful:

   mount -t glusterfs <hostname>:/glusterfs /glusterfs

Now I am trying to add an entry to /etc/fstab based upon [1]:

   <hostname>:/glusterfs /glusterfs glusterfs defaults,_netdev 0 0 

However, mount complains about 'missing fields' in this line.

How are fstab entries supposed to be specified for glusterfs?

Thanks for the help.



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