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Re: Can latest stable pkgsrc be used for any NetBSD release?

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 1:49 PM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> feralert <> writes:
>> I have a production machine running NetBSD 4.0 and in order to install
>> some software I want to download pkgsrc and make the packages myself.
>> Reading the NetBSD pkgsrc guide is not clear to me if I can use pkgsrc
>> stable with any NetBSD release, is this so?
> Yes, you can do that, and it will mostly work.  If you only want
> normal/smallish software, it will likely work very well.  (If you want
> gnome or kde, it may be another matter, but it may also just work.)
> As for "any NetBSD release", trying to use pkgsrc-2011Q3 on NetBSD 0.8
> is not likely to work.  But 4.0 is very likely ok.  There is no tight
> coupling from pkgsrc to OS versions - it's more the case that people fix
> issues with packages on any OS version they care about.
> Separately, if you are realling running 4.0_RELEASE, it's probably best
> to upgrade to a build from the tip of the netbsd-4 stable branch.
> (And to plan to upgrade to 5-stable.)

Thanks Greg for the answer and the tip.

The software that i need to installed is very 'normal', I would think:
bash, gnuls, etc...

Im still very new to NetBSD and upgrading it from version to version
in a production machine doesn't sound like something I wanna rush into

Regarding my question and your answer, do you thing this would make a
good question for pkgsrc's FAQ?


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