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Re: Can latest stable pkgsrc be used for any NetBSD release?

feralert <> writes:

> I have a production machine running NetBSD 4.0 and in order to install
> some software I want to download pkgsrc and make the packages myself.
> Reading the NetBSD pkgsrc guide is not clear to me if I can use pkgsrc
> stable with any NetBSD release, is this so?

Yes, you can do that, and it will mostly work.  If you only want
normal/smallish software, it will likely work very well.  (If you want
gnome or kde, it may be another matter, but it may also just work.)

As for "any NetBSD release", trying to use pkgsrc-2011Q3 on NetBSD 0.8
is not likely to work.  But 4.0 is very likely ok.  There is no tight
coupling from pkgsrc to OS versions - it's more the case that people fix
issues with packages on any OS version they care about.

Separately, if you are realling running 4.0_RELEASE, it's probably best
to upgrade to a build from the tip of the netbsd-4 stable branch.
(And to plan to upgrade to 5-stable.)

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