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Re: wip/libreoffice or misc/openoffice?

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 03:03:39PM -0500, wrote:
>    I tried building both misc/openoffice and wip/libreoffice recently on
> amd64/current, and both failed to build. I didn't look into the details
> at the time, but took the easy way out and loaded wip/libreoffice3-bin.
> Someone with a higher pain threshold might want to take a look...

I built OO yesterday. Only issue I faced was the downloaded distfiles were
corrupt. They had initial html text followed by binary tarball. Bad...

I downloaded all tarballs again from master site. Then it built fine.

wip/libreoffice is not building for me.

As of now I am not too tempted to try binary. Will give OO a try as of now.
Whenever lo works, will try that out.

I installed extensions also. pdf import looks interesting. Will give it a


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