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Re: softdep : why not the default

On 19 Nov 2011 at 15:22, Mayuresh wrote:

> Today I had first unclean poweroff incidence with NetBsd though it
> recovered fine after that.
> Just to be cautious I read various mail threads in this mailing list
> regarding ffs. Now that raises a few questions in my mind:
> 1. softdeps mount option's description claims speedups but no apparent
> disadvantage is mentioned. So why is softdeps not the default?
> 2. Read threads that it will be replaced with journaling in future
> releases. Seems mainly for maintenance concerns. In what way would it
> matter to a user - speed? ability to recover? etc?
> 3. As of now on I am struggling to decide whether to enable softdeps or
> not. Any quick advice on that?

I was on NetBSD-4 when I moved to WAPBL?

'man  wapbl' for details of how you convert.

Up until then softdeps was needed for the speed but
ffs with or without softdeps usually meant a long delay 
to fsck after any unclean shutdown. WAPBL replays the 
journal which is a lot quicker.


> Mayuresh.

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