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AMD Bulldozer and NetBSD boot pauses

Hi all,

I've just upgraded my home server to a 6 core (well, 3+HT) bulldozer
CPU, on an AMD 880G motherboard.

It was previously a quad phenom, on an AMD 780G motherboard, which worked well.

As I understand it the 880G is basically a small upgrade from the 780G.

I was running 5.1_STABLE, however this seemed a little reluctant to
reboot reliable and seems to have got a bit 'crashy' (i think it was
high network load related but not tracked that down yet.)

So I moved to current, which seems to reboot more reliably.

However it doesn't seem to boot cleanly. I've found booting hangs
after the ACPI CPU detection bit (it's listed all 6 cores, and then it

It doesn't seem to get any further unless I tap any key on the
connected PS/2 keyboard. (Booting without a keyboard attached is no

I occasionally need to tap a key again as it'll hang a bit further
along, usually just before it starts booting (at the 'root filesystem:
ffs') bit.

Once it's started init it seems fine.

If anyone wants me to try stuff out to help track this down I'd be
more than happy. :)


AMD FX (Bulldozer 6 core, I forget the exact model number now)
16GB ddr3
AMD 880G chipset (Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3 -
5 sata drives (3 in a nice RAIDFrame array, 1 boot and one /usr2)
onboard nic (re driver)
intel pci-e 1000GT NIC
edermax wireless (ral)

I use ACPI, and AHCI, I think HPET support is turned on in the BIOS too.

Here's the dmesg:



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