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Re: How to include items for build with

On 11/6/11 2:54 PM, Louis Guillaume wrote:
On 11/5/11 9:40 PM, Julio Merino wrote:
On 11/5/11 5:12 PM, Louis Guillaume wrote:

I'm trying to get resize_ffs in to my regularly scheduled builds. It's
there in /usr/src/sbin/resize_ffs, but it is not included in builds.

How do we tell to build and include this in one of the sets?

What release is this on? If it's current, it should be getting
installed like any other program.

This is on the netbsd-5 branch. But the question is more about general
usage too. How *would* one include such an item in the tree for
inclusion in a release set?

I don't think there is any way, and I believe it doesn't make much sense either. There are very few cases in the tree similar to resize_ffs (i.e. checked-in tools that don't get built), so special-casing is probably "good enough".

For those cases, if we really want to allow the user to tweak whether the tools get bundled into the release sets, we should be providing a MK* tunable and all corresponding logic; but it's quite a hassle. Having automatic file sets (which I understand has been desired for a while already) would make this significantly easier.

(This was sitting in my to-reply queue but I'm not sure now if I did or not already...)

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